**PLEASE NOTE: Classes may change due to the instructors availability. Always check here for any updates/ changes with upcoming fitness classes.


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JumpFit Intro Class:  $8  This is your chance to take the first step into trampoline based fitness! It’s a fun, full body, cardiovascular and strength training class. According to NASA jumping on trampolines for 10 minutes gives you the same benefits of a 30 minute run! Imagine the possibilities in this 45 minute class! In this class you’ll learn basic jumps and exercise techniques while having a blast in a group setting!


Family JumpFit Class:  $5  This 30 minute class will give adults and kids (5ys.+) a way to combine fun and fitness together! Join us for a variety of trampoline exercise while listening to upbeat, age appropriate music! This is whole new way to get family and friends of all ages together for a unique and exciting fitness experience!


JumpFit Advanced Class:  $8  This class will be the most efficient 45-60 minutes of exercise you can get! There will be different exercise principals practiced while achieving maximum cardiovascular benefits! This class will offer advanced options for any basic movement and will include High Intensity Interval Training to improve overall heart health. You can expect the unexpended in this class. Come to enjoy a well rounded, energetic, effective, FUN fitness experience!


Why trampoline fitness? 

  • It’s more effective and more safe than running or performing exercises on a hard surface.
  • It’s great for cardiovascular fitness as it strengthens the muscles and chambers of the heart with aerobic and aerobic exercise at times .
  • Repetitive jumping puts safe stress on bones and promotes mineral content buildup and increased density over time.
  • Builds strong muscles in several parts of the body at once. Overall engagement of muscle plus muscle specific exercises combine to create a full body workout.
  • Gravity and body movement combined in deliberate jumping movements stimulates Lymphatic System which helps get rid of bacteria, toxins and waste from your body which helps cleans your body faster!
  • Weight loss is inevitable when you burn calories at such a rapid rate – especially using HIIT principals. High Intensity Interval Training promotes caloric burn up to 48 hours post workout.
  • Improves agility and coordination, balance and concentration.
  • Improves energy and mental alertness – more oxygen flow to muscles and brain happen when you jump.
  • Improves mood and relieves stress because it is fun and invigorating. Endorphins are released after just 12 minutes of cardio activity – so imagine how happy you’ll feel!

Meet our instructor: Amy Bunting

Amy Bunting is a Certified Group Exercise Instructor (NAFC) who is currently also teaching Boot Camps and Advanced Fitness classes at Morey Courts, another Mount Pleasant original! Amy is enthusiastic about fitness and wellness and loves to apply the knowledge she’s gained in her own fitness journey (improved heart health and 140lbs lost) to her class curriculums.  She’s studied and practiced several different fitness principals and exercise strategies that will help everyBODY in whatever level of wellness they’d like to improve and achieve.  Amy is excited to learn to love the new opportunity JumpFit classes will offer: a fun, exciting and energizing approach to better fitness.